1901年7月12日,betway必威入口公司创始人Albert C. Brown, took his savings and opened a small shop in the near West Side of Chicago. There he produced a variety of plumbing fixtures as an OEM supplier, 以及灯罩框架, 节流阀阀, 和燃油燃烧器头和喷嘴. By 1911, demand for 该公司's plumbing products had grown to the point where it began marketing them under its own name and distributing its expanding line through wholesale plumbing supply houses.


1913年,一个.C. Brown invented a cartridge that laid the cornerstone of The Chicago Faucet Company. This major breakthrough in faucet design was the patented Quaturn™ cartridge. 可更换的, completely self-contained cartridge was revolutionary in its ability to turn water flow off from full flow with one-quarter turn of the handle. Also unique was the way the cartridge closed with the flow of the water rather than against it, 减少洗衣机的磨损,几乎消除滴漏. It was noteworthy that the cartridge was replaceable and interchangeable with other betway必威入口 products. Quaturn墨盒成为可靠性的标准, 耐用性, and value as a result of the betway必威入口 commitment to standardization and renewability of parts. The Quaturn cartridge has been updated over the years to incorporate new technology and materials, but it is still interchangeable with any Quaturn manufactured since 1913.

随着芝加哥的城市和国家的发展, betway必威入口公司也是如此, 1915年搬到更大的地方. 除了制造和销售水龙头, 该公司 created a dominant niche as a supplier of faucets and valves to plumbing specifiers and commercial maintenance engineers in the Midwest. 即使在那个年代, betway必威入口 cultivated its reputation for customer service, 经常用马车向客户运送产品.


在20世纪20年代早期对市场需求的反应, betway必威入口 chrome plated fixtures gradually replaced the more traditional porcelain handled fixtures. Concurrently, the city of Chicago was undergoing an unprecedented building boom. New factories, 办公大楼, theaters, hotels, and homes were being constructed at record rates. betway必威入口 expanded manufacturing capacity in the late 1920's to keep up with the explosive demand for its products.

New construction stopped abruptly with the onset of the Great Depression. betway必威入口, 和其他公司一样, was hit hard during this time; however, 该公司的反应不是关门大吉, but by significantly reducing its work week to as few as two days per week. The company struggled to find bits and pieces of replacement business wherever possible. The tide began to turn in 1933 when Chicago staged the Century of Progress World's Fair. betway必威入口 was an exhibitor and received national recognition for its quality. 结果订单增加了, and 该公司 grew along with the rest of the nation as the economy gradually strengthened through the late 1930s and into the early 1940s.

在第二次世界大战和朝鲜战争期间, betway必威入口 converted to the production of war related products, 如, 坚果, 螺栓, 螺丝, 和降落伞挂钩. Many of 该公司's employees either enlisted or were drafted into the Armed Forces. 直到1953年,手术才恢复正常. 战后的建设热潮带来了繁荣, 1961年,, 一个新的, 更大的设施建在德斯普兰斯郊区, 伊利诺斯州-几分钟内奥黑尔国际机场. Significant expansions have taken place in every decade since.


2002年7月,Geberit集团收购了betway必威入口公司. 吉博力组, 这家总部位于乔纳的公司拥有125年的历史, 瑞士, is a European market leader and global provider in the area of plumbing technology. 吉博利在全球拥有12,000多名员工. betway必威入口公司在德斯普兰斯设有办公室, 以及密歇根市的组装厂, 印第安纳州和密尔沃基的铸造厂, 威斯康辛州. betway必威入口 is one of only a few companies that still produce permanent mold, 黄色的黄铜水龙头铸件就在美国这里.

Over the years, new products and new markets have kept betway必威入口 growing. 120年后的今天.C. 布朗在芝加哥西区开了他的店, his spirit lives on in the hundreds of betway必威入口 employees who every day seek to meet customer needs with innovative, 高质量的产品. The company remains a leader in supplying 配件 for the hospitals, 学校, 餐厅, 办公大楼, 机场, 会议中心, 体育场馆, 和许多其他商业设施. 不管你的要求是什么, betway必威入口 offers standard and made-to-order products that are designed to meet any commercial application.


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The globally operating Geberit Group is a European leader in the field of sanitary products. Geberit operates as an integrated group with a very strong local presence in many countries, providing unique added value in sanitary technology and bathroom ceramics. 集团总部位于rapperswill - 约翰, 瑞士, with a production network encompassing more than 30 production facilities.

In North America, Geberit provides concealed systems for wall-hung toilets and fixtures. Geberit systems improve the look of any bathroom by hiding unsightly plumbing hardware. Replacing a standard toilet with the Geberit system results in more usable space, 改善卫生条件, 和更好的可访问性. The unique dual-flush valve saves water and is practically maintenance-free. Geberit also offers cable-controlled bath waste and overflows in a variety of designer finishes. Critical working parts are outside the waterway, ensuring years of trouble-free operation.

With about 12,000 employees in around 50 countries, Geberit generated net sales of CHF 2.2017年90亿. The Geberit shares are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange; since 2012, the Geberit share has been included in the SMI (Swiss Market Index).



几十年来,可持续发展一直是我们身份的一部分. 这对环境是有回报的, 该公司, 客户和合作伙伴, 为员工, 对股东也是如此.

前瞻的眼光,, 可持续发展有多种形式:节水产品, 新的物流解决方案, 节能的生产工厂, 和负责任的培训. 参观 吉博力组织的网站 and find out how sustainable thinking and action have an impact on all aspects of our daily lives.

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